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Snake Plant Care Tips

Snake Plant Care Tips

The Snake Plant is one of the most sort after and easiest house plants to take care of. Due to its forgiving nature, the snake plant is one of the best out there for beginners or for those with little experience in plant care.

There isn’t just one snake plant. There are loads! All with variations of names and physical attributes. Some of these are listed below:

  • Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii
  • Moonshine
  • Bantel’s Sensation
  • Craigii
  • Cylindrica
  • Hahnii
  • Golden Hahnii
  • Silver Hahnii
  • Sansevieria grandis

As we want you to get the most out of your purchase. We have come up with some handy tips on how to best care for your snake plant.

Vinyl Green Snake Plant


Light, Humidity & Placement:

  • The Snake plant does well in locations with bright and indirect light and can even handle some direct sunlight! As well as this they can grow (slightly slower) in shady, low light areas of the home, such as bedroom corners.
  • Whatever the case, make sure that the plants location hosts a nice warm temperature above 10° C. When the colder months hit, make sure to protect your little buddy from the drafty windows and doors.


A big problem that tends to occur with these plants is excessive over watering. Snake plants do NOT like soggy soil. If they sit in water for too long, they could experience rotting issues with their roots. Check out some tips on how to avoid this:

  • You will want to let the soil dry put completely during watering. If you are unsure if it's dry, it’s good not to depend on the surface of the soil to tell if its wet or dry. Instead use something small and preferably wooden like a lolly stick and stick it a few inches into the soil. If you feel any moisture or see any soil stuck to the stick, then the soil is still damp and does not require water.
  • When the colder months arrive, when the plant enters a form of hibernation, water less. It does not require the same levels as warmer months.
  • If possible, water from the bottom of the plant as this encourages the roots to grow downward. Helping to stabilise the whole plant as it grows taller.

Air Purifying

Snake plants much like many others are very effective in purifying the air of toxins and bad odours. Fun fact: they even take these plants up on space shuttles for these specific reasons (and because they look awesome). So essentially the more you get, the better your home will smell!

It’s also a great plant for sleeping. During the day it takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night-time. As its nigh indestructible, the snake plant is a great addition to your home if you have children and pets as it can take being dropped, dragged and pulled around.


As a whole, the snake plant is a great all-round addition for homes, offices and any other indoor space. It enriches the atmosphere to create a great feeling as well as adding style and vibrance to any room.

Indoor Snake Plant from Online House Plants

Here at Online House Plants, we are always happy to aid you in your plant search. If you have any questions or want to know the best plant for your needs, please feel free to get in touch or feel free to browse our range and we will do all we can to help!

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