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Our 5 Favourite Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Keeping plants and greenery in your home throughout the years is sure to help lighten up your day and your interior. However, the changing seasons and fluctuations of light and temperature can make it difficult to maintain a healthy plant. So, we did a bit of research and picked five of our favourite plants that are amazing yet low maintenance.

Cacti & Desert Plants

Cacti and Desert Plants are great addition to homes where the occupants enjoy tropical heats and like to push that radiator to the max. They love dry air and hot environments. In fact, they thrive on it. Which makes sense considering that’s naturally where they came from. Due to their beginnings in the deserts where the nights get chilly, the cacti and desert plants do well in cold environments and winter nights. They drop their leaves and have a little winter snooze resting up for the next growing season.

Cactus Plants


If you don’t have the time to give your plants 24/7 watering, Philodendrons are great examples of drought tolerant plants. They only need watering once every two weeks, which relieves you of that worry in case you’re a busy bee! A good way to check if the plant needs watering is to pick It up and get familiar with its weight. Depending on the temperature of the room, water can evaporate at different speeds. If you pick up your plat and it feels heavier than usual, it might men that the water hast evaporated form thee soil yet, therefore it doesn’t need watering.

Snake Plant

A tried and tested veteran of home plants. The Snake Plant adds design flare to any room and is one of the most accommodating houseplants available. It deals well with low light, drought and general aspects that make the cold and hot seasons a difficult challenge.

Snake plant close up

Chinese Evergreen

One of the best-looking plants out there, the Chinese Evergreen is very nice to look at but don’t let its looks fool you. It is one tough plant. As long as it doesn’t stay wet for long periods, the Chinese Evergreen can tackle and withstand all the difficult elements that the different seasons bring. It doesn’t mind low light and can deal with inconsistent watering. The Chinese Evergreen is a great plant for those who are new to house plants, as its hardy nature makes it tough to not succeed in growing those glossy colours. This air-purifying plant powers through the seasons (especially the winter) and looks beautiful and fresh all year long.

Chinese Evergreen Plant close up


Windowsills and dry rooms. This is where these gorgeous plants thrive. With a wide variety of colours and styles, you can mix and match to create your own unique group. It’s best to keep in mind that temperatures can be cooler by certain window in older buildings. Therefore, it is advised not to water the plants at all during winter. Some plants will halt their growing whilst others will continue to grow. Once the warmer months hit, you can start watering them (yet still infrequently).

Succulent plants