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Snake Plant Care Guide

Snake Plant Care Guide

The snake plant is definitely up there for one of the most durable care free plants. It can be neglected for weeks and still survive. Of course we hope that you take great care of these lovely plants, but just incase you're unable to care for the plant for a little while, we want you to know that it will be ok! Here are some tips on how to care for the Snake Plant:

Temperature & Placement:

Thinking of where to place the snake plant? Although they are VERY forgiving, they do prefer indirect and steady light. However they can adapt to full sunlight and dim situations. The plant thrives in temperatures above 50° Fahrenheit, anything below it will suffer. Its best to keep away from windows and anywhere with a draft.


Only water when the soil is dry. During colder months this will require longer space in-between watering.

Is Snake Plant Poisonous to Pets?

Yes it is mildly toxic and it should be kept away from pets and young children.

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Snake Plant Care Guide

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